Czechia to Czechs, Galerijni Laborator, Prague

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Czechia to the Czechs

Cross out names which do not sound Czech to you.

The installation is based on covering three objects with a large quantity of photographs of various doorbells collected by the author across the Czech Republic during 2017 and adjusted in Photoshop. The author took photos of doorbells on houses and apartment buildings in various cities. One of the objects is covered with doorbells collected in Prague, the next one maps Ostrava and the last one is covered with photographs of the doorbells from various places of the Czech Republic.

After that the author crossed out by her own formula some names which do not sound Czech, or used a question mark next to them. Then she glued the images of the door bells to the containers to resemble apartment buildings. The viewers can not only contemplate the images, but also actively participate in the installation by crossing out some of the names on the objects and gradually adjust the installation by their own choices. We can easily and absurdly decide just by a name and the implied origin who has the right to belong among us and who should not.