Artist Residence, Fiskars, Finland, July 2019

"What if.", 2019

Dimensions: 2 panels: 90 x 150 cm each

Technique: Ink + embroidery on parchment paper

The theme which I selected to work on in Fiskars related to my on-going interest in the social and political happenings, the mentality of a nation and the (im)possibility to change our attitudes. Through my work I try to lead the viewer to consider our role in society. I call this theme North-South-West-East.

The title of the piece is "What if".

What if we were in the situation that would put us in the shoes of those who happen to be the unfortunate ones? Those who suffer from wars, famine and drought?

What if_Finland
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"Bar codes of pure nature.", 2019

Series of drawings

15 x 15 cm

Color Inks on paper cardboard

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